A large scale sculpture meant for the public realm

I am fortunate that I have honed my skills over the years to produce, on an ‘architectonic’ scale, this sculpture that translates my inner world of bliss to you.

This piece is not meant to be political or judgmental it is simply a flower. A flower forged of steel by hand utilizing flame, tools and a lot of passion.

It is my hope that Denver Lily connects with everyone from the 3-year-old to the 93-year-old, the construction worker to the lawyer, and most of all the teachers; and we are ALL teachers. We must teach each other to live in a world of creativity, kindness, and beauty through hard work and our imagination.

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Date: 2014-2015

Project Description: This was my first corporate sculpture that was debuted at Denver International Airport in 2015. I spent a year custom fabricating it out of steel. It is 30ft (about 3 stories) tall.