meet Price.

Price ‘Ted’ Davis is a Colorado Artist, specializes in visionary sculpture. He creates larger-than-life sculptures, a style that inspires a sense of wonder and excitement.

Price’s passion for the arts was sparked in his high school shop class. He then began his career in furniture design, moved into loft design, and was successful in the commercial real estate industry. In 2014, Price continued to study his craftsmanship roots, and devoted his mastery to large scale, public sculpture; using many mediums, with the primary being steel. Price believes that a key element in appreciating the arts is supporting the artisans and their craft; a mantra he is actively living by maintaining a diverse art collection, himself.

Price’s official public sculpture debut was the "Denver Lily,” exhibited in the Denver International Airport in 2015. This towering, completely self-funded, 34’ steel lily was hand-forged and milled in his studio, over the course of one year. He designed, fabricated, and installed this piece out of sheer, palatable passion for art and craftsmanship. Over the period of the 1 year exhibition, “Denver Lily” was viewed by over 60 million people. “Denver Lily” propelled Price’s fire and desire to become a Public Artist, and he has worked on many fun projects since.

Price’s team is comprised of his wife Heidi, apprentice Landen Arnold, and their dogs Pepper Phyllis and Willy Wilson. The team recently moved from the booming city of Denver, and now resides in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. They now enjoy throwing sparks, and making art from 9000’ elevation.

Price Davis is available for collaboration and commissioned pieces. Contact him directly at