Shop dogs throughout the years

Price has always loved dogs. He has a unique passion for rescuing old, roughed-up dogs. Every dog that has entered his home has "landed it's butt in butter," and enjoys a spoiled last few years on this earth. His love for dogs is infectious. He turned his wife, Heidi into a dog lover, as she is now begging him to get a third.


Willy “Grago” Wilson

We adopted Willy Wilson in March 2018 from Big Bones Canine Rescue in Colorado. He LOVES his new life in the mountains where he can run around, chase squirrels, and his favorite… find sticks. He is sometimes known as “Two-Stick Willy.” He is such a caring 2 year old Alapaha Bulldog. He loves playing with his sister, Pepper Phyllis, and shares his toys with her.


Pepper “Peppy” Phyllis

We adopted Pepper Phyllis in March 2018, from Big Bones Canine Rescue, in Colorado. Pepper is an LA girl with lots of spice. She was sadly a puppy mill mama, but now is a loved little princess, fully adapted to mountain life. She is very lovey, expressive, talkative, and loves snuggling under the blankets with her mama and papa. She also loves her little brother, Willy Wilson.


Boris Agustof D'Mingo

We rescued Boris from Austin Texas Pet's Alive in 2016. We brought him to Denver, where he quickly became the mayor of the neighborhood. He had the entire block dialed in. He loved spending every day in the shop with his papa. When he needed an afternoon snack, he would sneak to Neighbor Carol's house, where there was guaranteed to be a biscuit on the step waiting for him. He loved snuggling with his mama and papa. Boris passed away peacefully and snuggled on June 23rd, 2017.


Tri Polly

Tri Polly's leg was injured in a tornado. During the amputation surgery, her body was severely burned. Price rescued Polly from the shelter, and nursery her back to health. She enjoyed many happy days of squishes, and running through the park.



Adafer came to Price as a timid, aggressive dog. Within 6 months, Adafer enjoyed getting his claws paining by his human friends, and loved getting comfy on a full sized mattress.


Big Ben

Big Ben was found with a severe burn down his back, from his previous owners. Price rescued Big Ben, and showed him that he could be loved by a human.