meet HEIDI

Heidi is Price’s loving wife, CFO, and business manager. Her love for the arts comes from her parents. Growing up, she participated in her mom’s creative endeavors which included; a successful wedding flower business, home craft boutiques, and gardening… lots of gardening. As she got older, she loved working in her dad’s wood shop, where they made cedar coil boxes for Ford Model T Cars. Creativity is Heidi’s happiness.

For the past decade, Heidi has enjoyed a fun career in the Wine Industry. When she is not selling fancy wine and tasty scotch, she enjoys being part of Price’s art business… the family business. Living fully immersed in the arts is a dream come true for her. There is never a shortage of creativity in the Davis household.

Her favorite hobbies include: auntie life, botany, hikes with the family, metal smithing, woodworking, refurbishing her grandfather’s forge, and ranch work. She looks forward to Chickens in the spring, and building a magnificent greenhouse on the ranch.