wildlife inspiration at the studio

Price works out his Colorado ranch at 9000’ elevation, where he and is wife reside. Here are a few of their favorite visits.


moose family

This family of four was spotted in the Fall of 2018 at Mountain Metal Shop. While mama and the kiddos bathed in the pond, big papa kept guard. It’s quite unusual to find an entire family traveling together. This family must have a very special bond.



The first time we saw Fawny, the fog was thick, and a brown creature with freckles appeared. We can only assume that Fawny was separated from her mama. She stuck around all summer. Pepper Phyllis an Fawny became great friends. We haven’t seen her in awhile, and hope she’s safe in this big, big world.


Mr. Moose

Our dear friend, Gregory was awake early enough to catch a moment with Mr. Moose. Moose are quite plentiful in Gilpin County. As with any wildlife, it is best to keep your distance. These furry fellas aren’t the most friendly.


For the entire spring, we watch a mama bird feverishly and persistently build a nest in our barn, right outside of Mountain Metal Shop! Finally one day, the nest wast built, and there were 4 little chirping chiclets. When it was time to fly, we put a soft landing down for the ambitious ones.


Sir Hoots

We have here the Northern Saw-Whet Owl. This bird has been listed on the State of the Birds watchlist due to loss of habitat, but they are generally plentiful. They love heavily wooded areas, and nest in tree holes in coniferous swamps. During the day, they perch 11’ from the ground to watch for prey. They feed on mice. How neat is that?!